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723 Big Jack Mountain Road, New Buildings, NSW 2550
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PO Box 9043, Wyndham NSW 2550


  • Contact Us on (02) 6494 2192

    Food Combining Meal Plans for improved digestion and health

    Your body has requirements that are uniquely yours. We can assist your personal health by creating a tailor-made Personal Nutrition Program, unique to your needs. Read More »

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    Now you can order your Dunn’s herbal products online. No need for credit card payment, orders can be made online but paid in cash, cheque, or COD. View and Order our Products »

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  • C·O·S·M·E Church Of SKY · MAN · EARTH

    A Public Charitable Trust For Training Herbalists For Future Generations Of Mankind Through The Church Of SKY · MAN · EARTH

    Donations are welcome.

  • Testimonials

    Many of our clients have provided testimonials of their experiences. We encourage you to read all Testimonials »

  • I have taken Dunn’s Herbal vitamin oil, stomach minerals, general food supplement, enzymes and recently also the amazing green oil for about 2 1/2 years now.

    I have never been healthier! Now 51 years of age, I have energy all day without eating large amounts of food and I never feel hungry. My skin looks amazing and people often comment about this.

    Through change of my diet using Dunn’s Herbal foo Continue reading →

    Certainly changed my lifeGaby