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Oil of Dunn healed “spot” on my face

A few months ago, I became very concerned about a “spot” on my face which was increasing rapidly in size and changing to something which looked as though it had the potential to be something nasty. After a few days of worry, I suddenly remembered Neville saying years ago, that if you don’t like the […]

Healing my little Staffy

My little Staffy had a litter of 9 pups and two days later, developed mastitis, requiring hospitalization at the vet over-night. All 9 pups had to be bottled-fed every 2 hours for a few days. Neville heard of our troubles and suggested adding Moon Music to her food & water, which we did. After the […]

Certainly changed my life

I have taken Dunn’s Herbal vitamin oil, stomach minerals, general food supplement, enzymes and recently also the amazing green oil for about 2 1/2 years now. I have never been healthier! Now 51 years of age, I have energy all day without eating large amounts of food and I never feel hungry. My skin looks […]

The right decision for me

I was very ill when I was recommended Dunns Herbal Clinic by a complete stranger. I had a feeling it was the right decision for me to contact them and within a few days of eating what was recommended and taking my herbs my health improved dramatically. Over the next few weeks my health improved […]

Yours in Health…

I would like to take the opportunity to share some of my experiences as a patient and student,  of Dunns Herbal Clinic and School of Natural Therapies. I first met Neville back in 1992 when I was looking for a college to study Natural Therapies as well as trying to find someone to help me […]

Matt and Emma Gurnsey, Bairnsdale VIC

In Autumn 2003 we planted one hundred native trees and shrubs that were in tubes to form a windbreak for one of our paddocks. The soil is sandy loam and is located at the top of the ridge, exposed to full sun and prevailing winds. I got hold of some “Moon Music” for my vegetable […]

Shirley Logan, Tura Beach NSW

Dear Neville, I am writing to let you know how impressed my husband and I are with your Moon Music. This year we started our own organic vegetable garden. We sprayed the ground with Moon Music, then we sprayed or seedlings. We were very happy with the quick growth of our vegetables. We sprayed frequently […]

Will & Estelle Van Engelgem

February 2005 Subject: Moon Music To whom it may concern, Before we start writing about our experiences with the Moon Music, we want to let you know that all the things we are going to write down are not scientific and are based on short term observations and personal use. Moon Music for the soil […]

Nat & David Schilg, “Provincial Pastoral Company”

3rd July, 2008. To Neville & Lynne, We have used the Dunn’s Moon Music now for several years, we initially purchased it for a foliar spray on our trace element deficient soils, with wonderful results. Not only did it improve soil structure but its use on pasture lucerne enabled us to carry stock through dry […]

Joy White, Mareeba, Qld

I have been using Neville’s product ‘Moon Music’ for many years, but the most dramatic result ever was with some orange trees, while I was working on a cattle property in the Gulf of Carpentaria. The trees had become unhealthy looking, and the fruit was dry and tasteless. I applied ‘Moon Music’ to the soil […]

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  • I use Oil of Dunn on my Caesarean Scar tissue and it helps relieve the itching and renew the elasticity in the skin (although it doesn’t remove the fat!!!). My sister uses the oil on her face to keep the wrinkles at bay.

    I have sensitive skin on my face and the soap and face & body moisturiser are gentle and non aggravating. I also use these two products on my baby for the same reason and also to Continue reading →