A. Starting up:

Use on house-hold lawns, gardens, vegetables, fruit trees and native plants. Mix Moon Music – 300ml into 9 litres of water. Use a 9 litre watering can with a rose outlet to imitate raindrops. Apply several times in the first week to leaves, flowers, branches, fruit, soil and compost – enough to moisten plant life and soil. Add Moon Music after 4pm daily. Use irrigation sprinklers, drippers and hand held hose watering before 8am. Only large trees will need mechanical spraying.

B. Maintenance – after the 1st week:

All plant life responds to human presence. The more you tell your plant life, morning and night, how beautiful they will be in the future, the more they respond. As you approach your plant life, visualise in your mind their future growth, health and size, including their root systems.

Talking to your plant life also is a great source of companionship to your plant and to your own all round health. To create a perfect universe is mankind’s soul purpose. Your own mental intent will achieve all this. While applying Moon Music the all-over benefits will amaze you. Your soil must be moist at all times.

Remember too that you need to drink 3 litres of water daily – glass several times per hour. Tell your water with each mouthful what a wonderful job it is doing for your own health. Picture your self God – perfect in form, thought and action—exactly the same as you have treated your plant life.

C. Plant growth:

For flowering, fruiting and vigorous plant growth, apply Moon Music as above, before 8am and after 4pm daily. All plant life needs extra nutrition and water during high peak growth periods, as do human beings. Use your irrigation system in conjunction with Moon Music, plus positive thoughts before 8am and after 4pm.

D. Seeds:

Soak seeds in straight Moon Music for 24 hours before planting. Apply to seeded trays in nursery systems in the morning before 8am, and night time after 4pm in conjunction with your watering system. Keep in mind your positive thought patterns of beautiful future plant form and growth, both above and below the ground. Apply the same thought patterns to yourself as well.

E. Full Moon:

All seeds need to germinate as close as possible to a new moon, and be transplanted as near as possible to a full moon, with ample Moon Music mixed in at 300ml in 9 litres of water – plus of course lots of positive mental thoughts and actions. Your plant life responds to your commands, friendship and caring. Water your plant life and keep watering yourself (3 litres per day intake). Do it, see it, feel it and think it.

F. Successful in all growing systems:

Moon Music is successful in all growing systems- chemical, broadacre farming, household gardens, lawns and vegetables, fruit trees, native plant life, golf courses, cattle, rice, wheat, dairy farms, biodynamic farmers and organic farmers. Apply as needed in conjunction with farming methods on hand at 1 litre of Moon Music to 250 gallons of water per 5 acres. This mixture includes citrus, stone fruit, grape vine and kiwi fruits. Use Moon Music with your existing farming methods and sit back and watch the transformation.