Neville Dunn is a herbalist, with perception. He has more than 40 years experience working with therapeutic and medicinal plants including Australian bush medicines and has authentic Chinese qualifications in Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

And along the way he has found time to study Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamics and develop his skills as a biodynamic farmer. Neville is also a thinker, and it is perhaps his mind which sets him apart, and his energy bent for research in areas as diverse as the effects of magnetism and the discovery of new sources of plant – based medicines, his ability to ‘tune in’ to plants and their potential uses, and his openess to concepts such as mental telepathy.

Neville’s expansive view of life is not confined to herbs and healing, but extends to his property near Merimbula, which is owned by a charitable trust set up by Neville for the practical teaching of future herbalists, acupuncturists and biodynamic farmers. This is where Neville created his soil conditioner which goes by the name of Moon Music, a fungi harvested from the forest floor, which enhances soil activity and microbial biodiversity in the garden.

Neville adds extra herbal teas, moon music, amino acids, vitamins and minerals; and also the mother of clay every new moon and full moon on a continuous basis to his biodynamic herbal mixtures, and uses it all over his property with truly amazing results. He believes there is more life force in clay and herbal bacteria, which release nutrients from the rest of the soil, than any other products on the planet.

Neville dreams of helping gardeners and farmers alike to convert to a more organic or biodynamic lifestyle without the drop in production experienced when a change is too sudden.